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Cavendish McKay

Fri 01 September 2017
A meditation on sympy
Mon 23 May 2016
How much data is enough?
Wed 27 April 2016
REPL, Notebook, Script, Module, Package
Wed 24 February 2016
Some career advice for petroleum engineering majors
Tue 16 February 2016
Testing the pelican-ipynb plugin
Thu 19 November 2015
Book Reviews
Wed 29 January 2014
Review: The Bad Data Handbook, by Q. Ethan McCallum
Wed 29 January 2014
Review: Version Control with Git, 2nd ed, by Jon Loeliger and Matthew McCollough
Wed 18 December 2013
Review: Python for Data Analysis, by Wes McKinney
Wed 11 December 2013
Review: Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, by Scott Murray